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Patient Care Guide


Feel reassured. You have come to a world-class centre of excellence in cardiac care.

Asian Heart Institute is India's highest accredited hospital by JCI (Joint Commission International), NIAHO (National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations), and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ranked by JCIL - the world's premier healthcare accreditation agency, as the No.1 among its participating hospitals.

We have been ranked amongst the World's TOP 10 Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists by Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) as well as it ranks in the TOP 5 Cardiac Hospitals in India by Indiatimes.com. AHI has been adjudged 'India's Best Private Cardiac Care' two years in a row in The WEEK-Hansa Research.

That is because, when it comes to a patient's well-being, we have a strict zero-tolerance policy towords compromises. We have listed out few of the do's and dont's that are a part of our systems, process and practices in this regard. Trust us, they are all designed to create the ideal atmosphere for the speedy recovery of the patient. We will appreciate your co-operation and request you to bear with inconveniences, if there are any. ,

The Do's
  • You can come with your relatives / attendants for convenience of completing the admission formalities
  • Please ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your consultant.
  • Please come with all your previous medical reports.
  • Come in with a list of your prescribed medication in generic names.
  • Tests like HIV and HBsAg will be carried out at Asian Heart Institute (AHI). Please carry the required deposit amount.
  • Only angiography patients can come to the hospital with their previous prescribed medications.
  • Please bring your booking slip.
The Don'ts

Please do not carry the items mentioned below to the hospital:

  • Ornaments and Valuables
  • Eatables
  • Clothing / bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Medicines
  • Visitors are requested not to carry any flowers or gifts.
  • Children are not allowed to visit the patient in order to avoid them from contracting any infections
Please Note :

In case of relatives, only ONE baggage will be permitted in the Deluxe Class and TWO baggage's will be permitted in the Suite Class. Additional baggage will be deposited at the security counter..

Patient's Rights

As a patient at Asian Heart Institute you have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Participate in decisions involving your medical conditions
  • Information and explanation about your medical condition.
  • Know the names and rules of your health care providers.
  • Privacy / confidentially of your medical records and safety.
  • Give us a feedback.

Patient's Responsibilities
  • To provide all personal and family health information needed to provide you with appropriate care. This includes reporting if you are in pain or require pain relief.
  • To participate to the best of your ability in making decisions about your medical treatment and to comply with the agreed upon plan of care.
  • To ask questions to your consultant / physician / doctor or other care providers when you do not understand any information or instructions
  • To inform your physician or other care provider if you desire a transfer of care to another physician, care giver, or facility.
  • To be considerate of others receiving and providing care.
  • To observe facility policies and procedures, including those regarding security checks, smoking, noise, and number of visitors. Our Hospital is a non- smoking zone and any forms of intoxicants are not allowed inside the hospital premises. You are requested to refrain from any damage to hospital premise or pilferage of the hospital properties.
  • To accept financial responsibility for health care services and settle bills promptly.
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