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Heart disease is not a death sentence


'Today, everybody is on the computer, everybody on the mobile.' '

The heart interview you must read


If India gallops ahead with its current rate of heart disease, Dr Ramakanta P

WomensDay: Healthy Heart tips for women

Medical mantra

Dr. Santoshkumar Dora, Senior Cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute explains the uncommon symptoms and

Heart disease in teenagers

Times of india

On March 2, 19-year-old M Gopi Raju collapsed while writing his boa

Pre Marathon story

Bombay times - 19th Jan 2019

ET Panaches print coverage of the Story - Flashback

When ex-PM Manmohan Singh underwent a redo cardiac surgery in 2009, Mumbai & Delhi edition dated 28th Jan 2019

Switch your food patterns to do well health-wise: Padma Bhushan cardiac surgeon

Two weeks back, former Bihar chief minister and fodder scam convict Lalu Prasad Yadav (70) suffered from a heart-related ailment and was permitted medical bail due to emergency hospitalisation at Mumbai's Asian Heart Instit

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