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Billing and Payment

Billing assistance is given to the patients at every stage of their stay in the hospital. Billing counselling is done immediately after admission. Two types of bills are generated in the hospital viz:

Interim Bill

These bills are generated every alternate day. They will give you an approximate idea about the charge payable for the specified period. You should contact the billing department for any clarification. This is necessary to avoid any confusion at the timeof generating final bill. You will be required to settle the interim bills within one day.

Final Bill

At the time of discharge, we will generate the final bill. This will consolidate all the interim bills and the reservation deposit paid. The reservation deposit can be adjusted only against the final bill and not against the interim bills.

In case, you are discharged on a Sunday, public holiday or after-office hours, you can collect your final bill on the next working day. We take an approximate bill amount plus a security amount as deposit before discharge, which is considered at the time of final bill.

Refunds are made by cheque only as per government guidelines and in the patient's name. They are processed within 7 days of discharge and can be sent by courier if required.

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