Do you know a child,
below 12 years of age,
who needs cardiac surgery,
and cannot afford it?

Time to do something about it.

We will evaluate every response, and ask for your echo cardiogram, chest x-ray, birth certificate and other tests. If shortlisted, we will operate on the child free of cost.

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CT Scan

The department is equipped with the latest 64 slice GE Light Speed CT scanner, which can perform a CT coronary angiography in less than 1 minute.

Procedures done

  • Whole body CT
  • CT head and neck
  • Whole body angiographies
  • Cardiac CT – CT coronary angiographies, RIMA LIMA assessment, post stent and post CABG evaluation, CT aortogram for aortic aneurysm.
  • CT guided biopsy and procedures


Procedures done

The department is equipped with the latest GE and Philips machines with curvilinear, linear, endovaginal, endorectal and 3D Probes.

  • Whole body sonographies
  • Whole body dopplers
  • Peripheral dopplers
  • Obstetrics sonography with 3D evaluation
  • Transrectal sonography
  • USG guided biopsies
  • Procedures including transrectal biopsies


We have a state-of-the-art mammography machine installed at our institute. Mammography is an excellent screening and diagnostic modality for early detection of breast cancer and is advisable as a routine screening test for women over 40 years.

We also have necessary X-ray facilities available 24x7 at Asian Heart Institute.

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