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Myth: Is angiography a risky procedure?

Fact: It is an invasive procedure , however the risk of coronary angiography is very low (less than 1% chances of a major complication).


Myth: Is angiography a painful procedure ?

Fact: except for the first local anaestesia injection it is completely pain free.


Myth: Does it require general anaesthesia?

Fact:No it is done under local anaestesia and patient can watch the procedure being done on screen as it is a pain free also.


Myth: Is angiography an emergency procedure?

Fact:When it is done for primary treatment of an heart attack it is an emergency procedure otherwise it is a planned procedure .


Myth: Do I need to take rest after angiography

Fact: No, There is no need unless the underlying heart condition requires so.angiography is a day care procedurewhere patient id admitted in the morning and can be discharged on the same day unless there is insurance requiring 24 hours stay.


Myth: Do I need to undergo angioplasty or bypass immediately after the angiography.

Fact: NO. unless patient’s condition is unstable or in case of heart attack immediate angioplasty is required. Otherwise if the inconvenience of coming back again for angioplasty is acceptable and if there are other options for treatment (like bypass surgery or medications) then, the angioplasty or bypass surgery can be done later after discussion with the family members and cardiologist.

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