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Myth: Cholesterol is worst

Fact: It's misleading to call cholesterol an artery-blocking fat because cholesterol performs many important functions essential for the internal milieu.


Myth: Cholesterol Will Kill You

Fact: This is simply not true. Cholesterol is your friend. Essential for good health, especially women’s wellness, cholesterol should not be something that is feared and revered while eating a nutritious diet.

It is a naturally occurring product found in the body which is produced in the liver. It is vital to normal cell function and is the parent molecule for major hormones as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. It is critical to the immune system and the brain.

For example, even if you did not consume any cholesterol at all, you would still find it present in your body. Your diet is actually secondary when it comes to looking at cholesterol levels, but this is often ignored by the doctors.


Myth: High Cholesterol Is A Good Predictor Of Heart Attacks

Fact: Statistics actually show that more than 50 percent of people admitted to hospitals with cardiovascular disease have NORMAL cholesterol, where those with high cholesterol are seen to have HEALTHY hearts.


Myth: Statin will solve the problem .

Fact:For some people, including those with heart disease, cholesterol-lowering drugs are an important part of treatment. But some people could skip statins — and their side effects — and achieve the same results with lifestyle changes. In many cases, exercise, eating a healthy diet and smoking abstinence are going to be far more effective at reducing the risk of heart disease than taking a statin,.


Myth: Cholesterol lowering drugs might wreck your sex life .

Fact: They might improve it. Although there have been some worries that statins might interfere with testosterone production because of cholesterol's role in producing the hormone, a 2014 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that statins actually increased erectile function by nearly 25 percent.


Myth: If you have cholesterol then eggs are your enemy.

Fact: Put eggs back on your menu. The federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently dropped its recommendation that healthy adults limit foods high in cholesterol, like eggs and shellfish, because research shows they only have a slight effect on blood cholesterol.


I actually believe that heart disease is more likely to be a result of stress and the consumption of processed foods, especially refined sugar. When you have stress in the body, it causes a spike in cortisol, which breaks down vitamin C. When you have a long- term subtle deficiency of vitamin C, this causes a weakening of the arterial walls and then in your body's natural intelligence, uses readily available cholesterol in the bloodstream to patch up the weakening arterial walls.


This is your body trying to protect itself from arterial wall damage. We call this healing process atherosclerotic plaques or heart disease. We then prescribe statins to reduce cholesterol and try and 'fix' the problem. The underlying cause, stress and vitamin C deficiency is rarely addressed.

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