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What Is Chest Pain And How Is It Caused?

Pain in the chest can be felt in many ways such as crushing, tearing, burning, sharp, dull, constant, intermittent etc.  It is to be noted that though you get very alarmed when it occurs, not all types of chest pain indicate that there is a problem with the heart. Such pain can be caused by a disease which is present in the lungs, stomach, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract etc.

About Chest Pain And its Causes

Today’s lifestyle pressures have resulted in people succumbing to heart attacks.  It might not be the only reason for getting chest pain, but it is the most common one. Pain that is related to the occurrence of a heart attack is crushing or squeezing. The person undergoing such pain experiences tightness in the chest and the problem is termed as medical emergency.

The chest pain that is experienced when it arises is due to blockage in the heart blood vessels and it is called angina.  It spreads out into the arms, shoulders, and upper back.  Pain is also experienced in the jaw as well as back of the chest. This pain indicates that there is a problem with the heart but does not cause permanent damage to it.

Pulmonary Hypertension: Another major cause of Chest Pain

When the sac around the heart gets infected, the result is pain that is similar to what is seen with angina. It is sharp, occurs repeatedly and it can be felt in the shoulder and upper neck. Chest pain is one of the many symptoms of mitral valve pro lapse, a problem that arises when the heart valve does not close properly.  It can also be caused by pulmonary hypertension, which is pain that is similar to angina. This condition occurs when high blood pressure in the lungs makes the heart’s right side to work too hard. It gets worse when you breathe, eat or lie down.  

In addition to heart problems causing chest pain it can also arise from emotional distress, excessive work or over-exercising. Other conditions that can lead to chest pain are heart muscle inflammation, abnormal heartbeat and arterial dissection.

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