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The Cardiac Hospital With The Best Infrastructure

Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai is the only cardiac hospital in India that is known to handle all types of critical cardiac surgeries successfully with the lowest mortality rate. The doctors here use all the latest scientific procedures to carry on these surgeries safely.

RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s life was saved in Asian Heart Institute

Two years back, RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav was admitted to Asian Heart Institute with multiple cardiac ailments. He had a 3mm hole in his heart and defects in his aorta, as well as damage in aortic valve. So he had to undergo a six-hour long surgery by a team of doctors here, led by the renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Ramakant Panda. They repaired the hole of his heart and his aorta, also replaced the aortic valve of this 66 year old political leader, making him perfectly healthy again very soon.


Dr. Aashish Contractor’s blog tells about determination of a man to stay fit

Dr. Aashish Contractor was the Medical Director of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and he narrated a story about the determination of one of his friend about weight loss, just after the 9th Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon ended in 2012. His friend Nithiij Arenja was overweight with 136 Kg, when he decided to go for weight loss program. He determinedly maintained low-fat diet and exercised diligently, to become much slimmer. After one year of hard struggle, he was so fit that he could run this Marathon race for the interest of disabled Kargil soldiers and ended 21 Km in just 2 hour 17 minutes, which was really amazing!

Robotic error reported during prostrate surgery in Asian Heart Institute

It is known that even the most advanced machines may sometimes go wrong and it was proved when the robot used for surgical assistance in Asian Heart Institute became still during an important prostate cancer surgery. The patient was made unconscious with anaesthesia and all other preparations were complete for the surgery, when the concerned robot became motionless! The doctors had to cancel the operation that day and waited for repairing the robot, as the patient was too keen for robotic surgery. But as per Asian Heart Institute feedbacks, more than 25 robot-assisted surgeries had been conducted in this hospital for curing urology-related ailments, but no such problem had arisen earlier.


Thus, the patients suffering from all critical ailments, mainly the ones with complicated cardiac problems are sure to be cured in Asian Heart Institute.



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