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Symptoms of Unhealthy Heart: Pay Heed To The Warning Bells!

Cardiovascular diseases are claiming more and more lives in the present day. Our heart is an organ that works round-the-clock and when it is not functioning properly, various symptoms are shown. We often tend to ignore those symptoms or the warning bells as we consider it insignificant. A healthy heart is vital for a healthy and long life. Exercising and eating healthy can reduce heart diseases but when certain symptoms are shown we should definitely pay heed to it.

Indications of an unhealthy heart

  • Uneasiness in the chest: The pain or pressure in the chest is signs of suffering from blocked artery or risk of heart attack. The sensation of uneasiness or discomfort in chest may be a burning feeling or a pinching feeling etc. It usually occurs for few minutes.
  • Motion sickness, Gastritis: These symptoms are seen in some people suffering from a heart attack. Vomiting, nausea, stomach pain are the few other indications during a heart attack. A study indicates that women are more prone to these symptoms than men.
  • Arm pain: The left side of your body will sense pain that emerges from the chest and follows to the arm.
  • Exhaustion: Fatigue or weakness after performing a task which you normally do is an issue concerning the heart. Inexplicable weakness or tiredness for prolonged days at a particular time may be a symptom of cardiovascular disease.
  • Excessive Sweating and uneven heartbeat: Sweating a lot without any specific reason could be a symptom of heart attack. Rapid heartbeat could also be a sign of atrial fibrillation that should be paid heed to.
  • Severe cough: One of the symptoms of a heart failure is a prolonged cough which produces white or pink mucus. It is usually caused by leaking of blood back into the lungs.
  • Swollen legs: Falter in pumping blood by the heart could result in bloating which leaves a swollen leg, foot or ankle.

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