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Know Benefits and Risks of Heart Bypass Surgery

Blockages in the heart happen because of a number of reasons. Because of the poor lifestyle or other factors, there is an insufficient supply of oxygen and blood to the heart. Usually, huge plaque builds up over a period of time in the arteries, restricting the sufficient flow of oxygen and blood.

In case the blockage is sustained over a long period of time, an individual might have a massive heart attack or multiple heart attacks. Coronary Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) can help in resolving an artery blockage. Some of the benefits associated with this type of surgery are mentioned below:-

How CABG removes the Artery Blockage?

It is really a challenge to resolve the blocks in arteries of a patient. With minimal or no flow of oxygen and blood in heart, chances of survival are next to nil. CABG is a highly effective way for continuing the blood and oxygen flow for creating alternative paths around blocked arteries. The cardiothoracic surgeon takes a healthy blood vessel from one part of a patient’s body such as hands or chest and connects it with the active arteries around the area which has been blocked.

Stenting and balloon angioplasty are done for basic level blockages. However, coronary artery bypass graft surgery is the best solution for severe artery blockage. But regular exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle are advised by doctors even after the successful completion of the surgery.

Benefits you can derive from CABG

CABG can save the life of a patient from heart attack. It also offers relief from respiratory problems which are caused by diseased arteries. It enhances ventricular function, retains the strength and enduring relief of angina, and helps the patient in sustaining mental strength.

The patient doesn’t suffer from a memory loss. There is lesser need for transfusion and almost normal heart rhythm. The patient also faces lesser chances of heart based problems in the near future. Therefore, people who have a history of complicated heart based issues can opt for CABG for a lasting solution to their problems.

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