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It is observed that heart disease is most common in men. Well, now it has become a life-threatening problem for women too. Some of the symptoms of heart concerns in women include

  • excess sweating,
  • fatigue,
  • discomfort in neck, jaw, and shoulder,
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • pain in arms, upper back, and abdomen.  

If any of your female family members are experiencing such issues off-lately then it is vital to go for a checkup right away so that the root problem of the heart disease is diagnosed at the right time and treatment is provided. In case one neglects the above symptoms, it may turn out to be a risky affair.

Causes That Result in Heart Disease In Women

There are many factors causing heart issues such as weak heart, heart attacks, and high blood pressure in women. Some of the other common triggering factors are:

  • Diabetes: This is a common cause that leads to weak heart health.
  • Negative aspects: Other equally vital reasons include smoking, alcohol, broken heart syndrome, depression and mental stress.
  • Reproductive system: The condition can also be caused by pregnancy complications and also menopause.
  • Others: Those who are suffering from inflammatory disease have a higher risk of getting heart disease.

This problem does not affect women on any particular age. Hence women of all ages should take it seriously, particularly those who are 65 and above, with a family history of heart disease.

Ways to prevent heart disease in women

Given the fact that heart health is so important to life, hence steps can be taken to avoid any coronary disease. It’s surprising but true that this condition can be avoided by taking some of the simplest steps, they are explained as follows.

  1. Regular intake of healthy food. The daily diet should include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  2. No junk food: It is vital to avoid oily or fatty foods and especially processed foods.
  3. Control salt and sugar: Intake of salt must be regulated and food with transfat should be completely avoided.
  4. Workout is a must: Exercising, as it transports blood to various parts of the body, keeps weight under control and ensures that you are always active.
  5. Timely medication: If you have blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol, it is advised to regularly take medication prescribed by the doctor to keep it under control.
  6. Others: Weight must be in optimal level and activities like alcohol consumption and smoking are to be avoided as these are prime contributors to health problems that ultimately lead to heart disease.

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