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Damaged Caused By Heart Attack

Is It Possible To Reverse The Damage Caused By Heart Attack?

A heart attack occurs when the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart is cut off or is extremely reduced. This situation happens when the coronary arteries that bring blood containing oxygen to the heart become narrow due to the buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances, all of which are called as plaque. The problem also happens when the coronary artery goes into a spasm. In the United States, 1.5 million people suffer from heart attack every year.

Can The Damage Caused By A Heart Attack Be Reversed?

The result of a heart attack is that the heart muscle gets damaged. It was believed for many years that such damage could not be reversed. Now medical research has found a point which shows that the heart does have the capacity to make a new muscle thus eliminating damage to the existing heart muscle. However, the rate at which it can do the regeneration is very slow; hence it is not possible to recover right away from the damaged caused.

Bypass Surgery Followed by Proper exercise, diet and lifestyle changes

As a result, the person who has had a heart attack must undergo bypass surgery, wherein blood vessel from another part of the body is used to bypass the blocked artery. Blood will now flow normally through the new blood vessel to improve flow to the heart muscle. This is a major surgery and one that will take a long time for recovery. The results of a bypass surgery will show good effect when it is followed by exercising, proper diet and lifestyle changes. .

Now a new discovery has been made which shows more hope for recovering against the damage caused by a heart attack.  Scientists have now found that cells surrounding blood vessels called pericytes make new blood vessels to grow in conjunction with the hormone leptin. Thus, these pericytes have the ability to restore supply of blood to a damaged heart after a heart attack.  By increasing the presence of leptin in pericytes, the new blood vessels will begin to grow, thus enabling the heart to heal faster.

Hope is Healing, Healing is Happiness

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