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Calcium Supplements - Not Heart-Smart!

Calcium is consumed by millions of people all over the world for the cause of their bone health. Especially most of women are put on calcium supplement after child birth. Calcium supplements have so long been believed to help avoid the risk of osteoporosis which may further lead to breakage of hip, knee and wrist bones. However, a recent study has revealed that calcium supplements are more of a peril than a savior.

The study conducted by observing thousands of patients suffering from heart attack revealed that people taking calcium supplements increase their risk of having heart attack by 30 percent. Doctors now opine that the apparent protection from breaking of bone that calcium supplement is said to prevent is marginal. However, the side effect of the same that leads to heart diseases is of a bigger magnitude.

Delving Deep into the Matter

As explained by the doctors, consuming calcium through food is beneficial for health. However, whenever it comes in the supplement form it is said to be hazardous to health. It is explained in the way that perhaps the body is not able to process a sudden influx of a heavy dose of calcium when the intake is in the form of supplement as opposed to the dietary form.

As explained by the medical practitioners, calcium supplements do not get absorbed in the body resulting is deposits at inappropriate places particularly in the blood vessels. They say that for aged people, the calcium does not even reach the skeleton, nor does it get flushed through the urine. With age calcium based plaque is formed in the main blood vessel and arteries causing blockages in the blood flow which eventually leads to heart attack.

Shun Supplements And Embrace Calcium Rich Food

Even though many researchers have also challenged this claim attributing heart attacks to lifestyle disorders, it is advisable to replenish your calcium deficiency through calcium rich food that will also provide other nutritional benefits.

The daily calcium recommendation is 1000 mg till the age of 50 and 1200 gms for women above 50 and men above 70 years of age. Some of the calcium rich food includes dairy products, sardine, salmon, soy milk, tofu, broccoli and figs.

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