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Asian Heart Institute Sets The Best Example Of Sincere Medical Services To Cardiac Patients

Asian Heart Institute is now known to be the only hospital to treat successfully even the most hopeless cardiac cases. So the critical cardiac patients from all over India travel to Mumbai to receive treatments here as their last resort.  



First heart transplant surgery was held in Asian Heart Institute for free

Two years back, Asian Heart Institute conducted the first heart transplant surgery to mark the occasion of Maharashtra Organ Donation Day. The heart transplant is needed for curing the most complicated heart problems, only when the bypass surgery and angioplasty fail to cure those problems. Moreover, as per the Asian Heart Institute feedbacks, these heart transplants are offered for free surgical cost. Earlier all such patients needed to be taken to Chennai for transplants, but now the doctors of other hospitals are referring transplant patients to this hospital.

Aged and weak patient was successfully operated in Asian Heart Institute

On November 23 2016, a 69 year old woman from Mahim region was admitted in Asian Heart Institute with congested heart failure. Her name was Asha Phatak and her condition was more critical, as her heart could not pump pure blood due to blockage in two arteries and she became extremely weak. The doctors led by Dr. Ramakant Panda decided to operate her in spite of low body weight of only 35 Kg and low blood pressure. After the successful operation on December 12, this retired bank manager was kept on ventilation and then in ICU for another 19 days, till she was discharged on January 23.


Amazing credentials of Dr. Ramakant Panda – the renowned cardiac surgeon

Dr. Ramakant Panda is known to be the best cardiac and thoracic surgeon of India. He has reportedly conducted more than 18 thousands cardiac surgeries in his career, among which 1000 redo bypass surgeries and more than 3000 complicated heart surgeries are most notable. He started the concept of ‘Total arterial revascularization’ and also braved to start the redo bypass surgeries and ‘off-pump’ bypass surgeries in his own founded hospital in Mumbai, Asian Heart Institute. So he was given Padma Bhushan, the 3rd highest civilian award for his contributions in medical science. Asian Heart Institute is credited to be the best cardiac hospital of India by several prestigious world medical organizations.


Hence, Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai is the last hope for many cardiac patients, who may have been turned away by all other hospitals in India.



Hope is Healing, Healing is Happiness

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