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Vital Facts To Know About Heart Ailment

Heart disease if left unattended may serve to be a silent killer. Almost 40% of people lose their precious lives due to serious heart ailments. Precaution taken at the early stage will make the entire situation preventable. Consuming healthy diet, stress management, and performing exercise on a regular basis will reduce ill effects of heart ailments.

Facts Related to Heart Health

Putting these words in practice can be a bit tricky but worth doing. It is particularly challenging as there are numbers of factors affecting the health of your heart. A good sleep is also required to prevent occurrence of heart issues. Below are some little known facts regarding taking best care of heart health:

  • Since 1984, heart diseases have been reported to kill a large number of people. It is deadly for people who have become prey to cancer. Generally, people suffering from heart attack fail to understand the symptom. Some of the most common symptoms include indigestion, shoulder aches, and nausea. Flu and chest pain are most common in men.


  • Getting a flu shot reduces the risk of becoming prey to heart attack. According to expert physicians, flu causes inflammation to the immune system of body. Finally, it leads towards plaque inside blood vessels thus causing blockages to arteries. The flu virus also affects your lungs finally damaging heart muscle cells.

  • Majority of heart attack cases are caused due to insulin resistance. It is preferable to have your glucose levels tested to prevent attack of diabetes. Along with following valuable instructions of the doctor, having a healthy diet and regular exercise will reduce the risk of heart attack. Knowledge is power. High time to have few tests done under expert supervision!


  • It is not new that stress has an in-depth relation with heart ailment. People are most likely to suffer from heart attack on Monday morning than other times of the week. It is advisable to have some yoga everyday to cut out stress from life.  

Last but not the least, it is advisable to laugh more and stay happy. It will have a positive impact on heart health finally leading your way towards your way to stay healthy!

Hope is Healing, Healing is Happiness

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